Thursday, September 8, 2016

June/July catch up with PL pages

The girls loved watching the rainstorms out of our window.


Friday night cookie making with Ellie. We have made a lot of cookies this summer! Now it is time to back off a little..

Snuggling my girls before bed.

Playing outside before it gets too hot

Myla got into Ellie's watercolor paints and started eating them..

One morning Ellie woke up with 10 bug bites! Poor girl got eaten alive while she was sleeping.

Myla's first pigtails

We went to the Drive Inn to see Finding Dory and passed the most beautiful field of sunflowers at sunset. Of course I had to take pictures!

Turns out, the Drive Inn wasn't such a great idea. We waited FOREVER for it to start, so the girls were both exhausted by the time it did. It was so hot and humid and miserable. Ellie wouldn't even watch the movie because she was scared. We ended up leaving twenty minutes into the movie.

Ellie's king and queen with canning jar lids.

The girls love to wait outside for Dad to come home.

Playing in the little splash area by the mall.

We went to Idaho/Utah for two weeks! It was such a treat to see family. Very busy, but we enjoyed every minute and miss them so much.
Watering the flowers at Grandmas.

We visited our friends Chris and Danae one evening and had dinner at their house. I forgot how beautiful the summer evenings in Idaho are!


Ellie did the summer reading program at our library. One of the prizes was free tickets to see Pinkalicious at the children's theatre. This was a blast for both of us! I loved spending one on one time with her. 

Myla turned one!!!!!!

 And that is it for June/July! We moved at the end of July and I did not get any pictures. It was exhausting but we are loving our new place. 

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