Tuesday, June 14, 2016


It has been a long time since I have blogged! This post is kind of a mess/jumble of things. 

Our apartment complex had an Easter Egg hunt and a party for kids. I took Ellie and Myla to it. They had bounce houses, cotton candy, fun balloons, music and dancing, and some other fun activities. 

We also had a ward easter party and egg hunt. Ismael woke up with a migraine so I took Ellie over. 

Myla is a messy eater!!

We went to the Arboretum with our friends, the Marcy's.

I celebrated my 26th Birthday!

Myla started crawling. 

Ellie loves dressing up and changing her clothes. One evening while we were waiting for Ismael to get home she asked me if I would take some pictures of her in her princess dress outside. 

We hang out outside for the last 30 minutes or so before Ismael gets home. 

Mothers Day- I had Ismael snap a few pictures of me with the girls. It was a great day. I am very grateful to be a mother. 
 I am

 Ellie's photo:

 I love bath pictures!

The girls were sick a lot during April/May. Sadly, we spent a lot of time indoors during our nicest weather of the year.

Myla loves to flip through books, just like Ellie did at that age. 

 Now that she stands up in her crib, nap time/bedtime have become a little more difficult. 

We have started to try to do family scriptures right after dinner to try and be a more consistent.

Took the girls out for a picnic by our swimming pool one day.

Myla at ten months! Our little ham. 

We babysat our friends 7 week old baby for a few hours one friday evening. Ellie LOVES babies. 

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