Friday, March 25, 2016

Catching up- February

I took a few Valentines photos of the girls:

Myla fell asleep on Ismael, which never happens. She is not cuddly like Ellie was, so we take advantage of it whenever we can.

Starting to pull herself up.

For Valentines weekend, I got up early and decorated the table and had a Valentines note for everyone from me.

We had a candlelit dinner.

We had amazing February weather and went on many walks.

Myla turned 7 months!

We went to a nursery and picked out some flowers to plant for our porch.

Ellie started doing a little ballet class once a week! She loves it. 

This girl also loves to play soccer with her dad and is quite good at it!

Park days- Myla has started eating solids. She won't eat baby food or let us spoon feed her, but if we put anything on her tray she will feed herself. 

What my mornings look like: Ellie doing her vest and Myla playing.

Went for a walk to our Petsmart for the girls to look at the fish and animals. 

We went for a hike to Cedar Ridge Preserve. Such a beautiful day!

Sunday afternoon nap while waiting for Ismael to get home from church.

Singing happy birthday to our friend Jill:

Enjoying the sunshine out on the grass

cute sisters

Ellie got her first "real" haircut! She loved it. She looked up at the hairdresser and said, "I am going to tell my daddy all about this!"

Myla loves to get messy and play with anything messy. I looked away for a minute while doing my makeup and she had gotten into our face lotion and spread it everywhere.

Jumping in the puddles after a rainstorm!

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