Saturday, February 6, 2016

Little things from January and Myla at 6 months

January came and went so fast I don't even remember anything we did! I don't think I took very many pictures of much other than little things around the house.

Ellie and I made cookies for someone at the beginning of the month.

Myla turned 6 months on the 22nd. 6 months! She continues to be such a joy. She has been sitting up for about a month but doesn't like to be on her tummy at all. She babbles dadadada, gaga gaga, a lot. 
She is starting to love Ellie more and laughs all the time at her. 

I built Ellie a little tent one day and she took a nap in it. 

One of my favorites things still is getting Myla after she wakes up. She is so excited and kicks really fast. 

A little side view of their amazing hair..

Ellie loves dancing, performing, singing, role playing. She puts on little "shows" for Ismael and I. It is so cute. 

The best time of the day is when.. Daddy comes home!

Ellie got her new "vest" for CPT she does 20 minutes 2x a day. It shakes her pretty hard, but once again she amazes me with her attitude and loves it!

One morning Ismael and I were eating breakfast and a mouse ran across our kitchen floor! Eeek. I called maintenance that day and they came and set up traps. we caught nothing. Fast forward a week later, I turn on our dishwasher, and water starts leaking all over our floor. We had just had a new dishwasher installed the previous month. I call maintenance again, he checks out the bottom of the dishwasher and says it looks like a mouse has chewed through these tubes on your dishwasher! Oh yikes! There was also a hole in the wall behind the dishwasher where the mouse chewed through the wall. They boarded that up and we were without a dishwasher for a week. We had had people over for dinner the previous day so we had a ton of dishes…..

I came home from VT and Ismael had done all of them.. He's the best.

I've been taking the girls to story time at our library pretty consistently every Thursday. Ellie loves it, and Myla too. 

Myla's first time sitting in the shopping cart. Another great thing about my favorite store Aldi is they have double seats in their shopping carts!

Park day. Myla just rested her chin on the swing and enjoyed it so much.

We had a great month and amazing weather! 

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  1. We all read your blog together it was really fun! Paige wants Ellie to know she has a pink coat too! Jared saw Myla and said, "She looks just like Birdie!!". They are so cute! I can't believe how fast they have both changed since we have seen you! Paige does that same smile Ellie had in the first picture with the cookies.



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