Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Night in Bethlehem

Back in December a church near us was doing  "One Starry Night" and hosting an event for families to see what it was like in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. It was AMAZING. I am so happy we went. 

It started outside of the church where they had some "shepherds", a few sheep, and donkeys that the kids could pet. Ellie loved this because we had been talking about the shepherds all month.  

We then went inside the church where we signed into the census. They gave Ellie a little bag with coins in it to give to any beggars she saw and to collect things from the different booths in Bethlehem. She was also given a little stamp book to collect stamps from each booth. 
Everyone kept asking her, "Have you seen baby Jesus yet?" which built up the anticipation for her to find the live nativity at the end. 

Giving coins to the beggars.

The first stop was a pottery making station where she made a little bowl out of clay.

Bread making station where she played with dough and crushed the wheat.

With her unleavened bread. 

Watching them do a letter wax seal for a special letter she opened on Christmas morning.

Crushing and smelling herbs

Dancing to music and playing homemade instruments:

Myla enjoyed walking around and watching everything. 

Yarn weaving ornament

They had an actual weaving machine that Ellie got to try out. It was interesting to see how it worked.

Homemade woodsaw

Carpentry work

They had a station where they dressed us up and took a family picture. 

We went upstairs and they had a huge table of food that was similar to back in the time when Jesus was born.  

Stargazing outside looking for "The Star"

And finally, baby Jesus. The kids got to choose one of their gifts that they had made to give to baby Jesus and put it in his manger. 

They had a storytelling room where this lady told the story of Jesus' birth.

This was such a fun night for our family and especially for Ellie to see a little more of what it was like when Jesus was born. I am so thankful to all of the people that put it together. There was a little group of girls dressed up as angels that walked around singing songs and tons of other people dressed up that talked to us and were so kind. We will definitely be going back next year. 

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