Monday, January 18, 2016

The Rest of December, Christmas Eve and Christmas

I took the girls to the park one day. We had a lot of beautiful December weather. This was Myla's first time swinging, she loved it! 

Took frozen cookie dough to a few people.

Myla is almost as big as Ellie!

Read a lot of Christmas stories by our tree.

Our sweet neighbor friend, Suzy, brought over gifts for the girls. Ellie a princess dress and Myla some alphabet magnets. Ellie has been loving this dress so much!!

Still working on perfecting the bread...

I made a lot of cookies in December, and as always, ate way too many. 

I had a genetic appointment to test for Lynch Syndrome, which my mom was diagnosed with earlier this past year. I loved seeing this Dale Chihuly sculpture. 

Christmas Eve- I need to be better at writing these down sooner, because I have a horrible memory! We went over for dinner at our friends house, The Salgados. We came home and did our own Christmas Eve traditions. There is so much magic on Christmas Eve! Ellie was so excited. 

Myla was so tired by this point.

Ellie's ornament she picked out for this year. 

Putting cookies out for Santa

Christmas Morning
Ellie woke up around six, and we waited for Myla to wake up. It didn't take long because Ellie couldn't contain her voice. She was so excited to see that Santa brought her a doll house! 

Myla also loved her new carseat toy. 

We opened stockings, at breakfast, and then finished the presents under the tree.
SO grateful for all of the wonderful gifts family sent us!

Ellie got another surprise for Christmas! A new bike from our mailman! He is the kindest man and Ellie adores him. It took about a week for Ellie to get the hand of riding her bike down. She LOVES it and asks to go out and ride it every day. 

Ismael took a few more days off after Christmas. We relaxed and didn't worry about going anywhere or doing anything. It was just what we needed. 

We soaked up a lot of time with our girls.

Ellie and Myla received mermaid tails for Christmas for Grandpa and Grandma McFarlane.

We had a tornado warning the day after Christmas. We hung out in our bathroom for about and hour and a half. Luckily, the tornadoes missed us, but they did so much damage to peoples home and buildings. It has been so sad, especially for the families that lost loved ones. 

We listened to "The Magic of Tidying Up". We ended up spending a lot of our time going through our stuff. Step one was our clothes. It feels good to get rid of things and to simplify. 

We ended the year with a small little family party of our own. We got pizza and played games with Ellie. Ismael is the only one that made it until midnight. I did this year end interview with Ellie:

2015 was a great year for us! 

Friday, January 15, 2016


Ismael took December 23rd off, so we decided to go to the Arboretum and see the 12 days of Christmas. It is so fun to see every year. We went with my mom last year when she was visiting. 

"Five Golden Rings"

It actually ended up being a really warm day, and we were ready to get out of the heat by the time we were done. 


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