Friday, December 4, 2015

November and Myla at Four Months

Myra turned four months on the 22nd. She continues to be such a joy. She weighed in at 15 lbs and . My favorite time is in the mornings when she wakes up. She is so happy and excited when we come in to get her. 

Ellie had to have a picture too. Her new "picture" pose. 

Myla has been rolling from her tummy to her back since 2.5 months. This has made tummy time a little more difficult because she rolls as soon as we put her on her tummy. 

Still loves bath time. If she is super fussy, sometimes I will give her a little bath and she calms right down. 

She loves watching Ellie play. Most of the time she does pretty well with Ellie, but sometimes Ellie might be a little too loving and overwhelms her. 

She has definitely started recognizing if someone other than mom or dad is holding her and sometimes gets her scared/pouty face.

She has started grabbing toys and as soon as we put something in front of her her hands she grabs it and puts it straight into her mouth.

Cute pouty face

Cuddles with mom. Oh i just love this girl so much! 

On to some little things from November. We have been so busy, it really feels like we are just fitting the basic things into our lives. 

Ismael found a new home for his Maria truck. This truck has helped us out so much! Its amazing how many memories are attached to a vehicle. He did a lot of landscaping jobs, commuted to work, picked up furniture, and moved us a few times with this truck. 

Ismael and Ellie painting together.

Little update on Ellie: This girl is spunky, creative, and keeps me on my toes from 5 am until  8pm. I need to write down more of the funny things she says, because they are constantly coming. 

She found a crazy straw, grabbed some utensils from our kitchen, and asked me to tie a string on it so she could wear a necklace.

Ismael reading to the girls. 

It feels like we have Dr. appointments once a week. Myla and Ellie are both good sports. 

Ellie had a CT scan and Esophagram at the beginning of November. One was in the main hospital and  the other in the pavilion so we got to ride the shuttle bus between the two. I am pretty sure for Ellie it was one of the funnest things she has ever done. She was over the moon about it. She always reads books about kids going to school and says, "Mom, I can't wait until I am bigger and can ride the school bus!"

I had this grand idea (pinterest)  to do a letter a week to focus on for Ellie because she loves learning, crafts and when I teach her. We started with the letter A and made an Alligator eating A's. We haven't gotten any further. 

Went to the park with the girls. Both ends of the seesaw. 

My good friend Elizabeth had her baby the end of October. We went and visited them. Bennet was only three weeks old and so sweet. Ellie and Flora entertained themselves for 3 hours. It was amazing! 

Ellie has started going once a month to "Night Owls". It is a church here that does respite care for families that have children with disabilities. It is an amazing program. We take her one friday night a month. She has a one on One volunteer with her, and they do crafts, play with toys, watch a movie, and they usually bring something different in each month such as a puppet show, music therapy, petting zoo, ect. 

While Ellie was at Night Owls this last month, we went out to Cane Rosso to eat. It was a lot of fun to have a date with Ismael. 

We made brownies one night for people that came over to visit. Ellie helped me in the kitchen. "Mom, I will keep an eye on this brownie bowl for you, ok?" Ok Ellie. 

And those are a few things I remember from November! Thank you pictures.

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