Thursday, December 31, 2015

A few things from December and Myla at 5 months

December was a great month. Having little ones is so fun around the holidays. I have loved planning and preparing for Christmas. It has given me a new appreciation for my parents who always made Christmas so special and magical for us. I love those memories I have growing up.

We watched Elf and Polar Express for a few family movie nights. 

I had so many good intentions for December, and then the girls got RSV! It was an exhausting two weeks. The first night Ellie coughed nonstop the whole night and had a fever. Ismael and I didn't know what to do to help her. We gave her breathing treatments, but that dried out her secretions, and then she would cough more. We took shifts all night with her suctioning her trach, giving her tylenol/motrin, and keeping her hydrated. She did ok the next day but was still running a fever. Myla started coming down with a cough that day too. Around day 4 I took the girls into the Pediatrician. He diagnosed them with RSV and also Ellie with a left ear infection. Ellie was at the peak of the virus and she was so miserable. Myla hit her peak the next day, and it seemed like she didn't stop crying for three days after that. I took her in to the doctor again. Like I said, it was a long TWO weeks! I am so happy they are better now. 
Exhausted parents and kids.

We did our annual gingerbread house. Ellie was so excited. She had a horrible rash on her cheek from wiping her nose with her arm. 

The frosting was the best part. 

Lots of baths while the girls were sick. 

My favorite Christmas tradition we started this year was the 25 days of Christ. We opened a new ornament every night and read a story about Christ that coordinated with the ornament.  We would then watch the bible video online. I loved the perspective it brought to each of us every day and it was great reviewing all of the stories of Jesus Christ. Ellie listened to the scripture stories so well.

Christmas Sunday. We snapped a quick picture before Ismael had to leave for meetings.

Myla turned 5 months on the 22nd. This girl. How has time gone so fast? She weighed in around 16 lbs when we took her in for RSV. She is so sweet but also lets us know that she doesn't like something with her screams. She likes being held, playing with toys, watching her sister, being carried in the Ergo, eating, and gets excited when dad comes home. She has the sweetest giggles and smiles and brings me so much joy every day. She rolls from back to tummy, and has started sitting up, but is still a little wobbly. I just want her to stay a baby forever. I think her hair grew a whole inch this month and is still super curly. 

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