Sunday, November 15, 2015


Halloween weekend was so fun this year! Ellie was especially very excited for it. October 24th our little library had a fun little halloween party. They did a little craft, pin the tail on the witch, dancing to halloween music, story time, and practice trick or treating. We put a little fairy costume together for Ellie last minute before and dressed Myla up in a ladybug costume we had. 

October 30th was our ward Halloween Party. They always do a chili cook off and a trunk or treat. A lady in our ward made Ellie a tinker bell costume, I found Myla a little fairy onesie, and I made Ismael a captain hook costume. I was going to be tiger lily, but my costume didn't come in time, so we just dressed the girls up. 

The party was so fun. People in our ward are so creative. They even had a spook alley for kids and adults. It was one of the highlights of our weekend. 

We carved pumpkins earlier in the week. Ellie was so excited to get the "pumpkin guts" out. She helped a little but mostly liked to watch us do the pumpkin, so we kept it simple. 

On Halloween night, we went over to friends house for pizza and then trick or treating on their street. I forgot to get a group picture. We have some awesome people in our ward and had a great time. 
I had this pirate costume for Ellie. She ended up using Ismael's Captain Hook hat and hook. With her hair she looked like Captain Hook. Everytime someone said this, she would get really offended and say, "No! I am a girl pirate."

Halloween was so much fun this year. It has been fun establishing some of our own traditions and how Ellie is so excited about everything. 

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