Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Little things lately..

These girls keep us busy, but we love it. I wouldn't have it any other way. They are both growing so fast. 

This one is always happy. 

Halloween "mummy" craft. 

 Ellie passed out on the floor again. Not taking naps catches up with her. She still struggles sleeping through the night and I think her little body gets tired.

happy girl again...

Bath time..Myla LOVES the bath and Ellie does too until we wash her hair. 

Getting so chunky! I love it. 

Last week I took Ellie into the pediatrician the day before her surgery. She had an appointment at nine, and somehow I didn't way up until 8:30! That never happens, ever. I threw on some clothes and took the girls in their pajamas. Ellie was pretty upset about leaving the house in her pajamas.

Wednesday October 14, we took Ellie to Children's Medical Center for a surgery on her Laryngeal Cleft. We talked a lot with her before about it, and she did great. Ismael and I always joke that most of our alone/ date times are when she is having surgery. Before her surgery, they gave her versed, which helps so she isn't scared when we hand her off. I don't think it ever gets easier saying goodbye and watching your child being rolled to the OR. I always lose it for a little, then we go to the cafeteria for some food comfort. Its funny how I look around the parents waiting room and see how all of the moms feel the same way. Its a feeling I can't describe and reminds me when I was in the NICU. It was so easy to connect with the other moms because we all felt the same way. 

This time we had Myla with us, which made things a little more difficult, but it worked out great. 

Ellie in her post/op room. She took a very long time to come out of anesthesia and her oxygen levels weren't too great, so they sent her up to the Intensive Care unit. 

Her the next morning. She didn't move from this position all day and wouldn't even let me hold her  because she was so sore. Her head was in an extended position for 3 hours, so I imagine she was pretty sore. Honestly, I can't believe how kids are so resilient. They just want to get back to doing their normal things, like play. I think surgery is harder on adults because we really know what is going on. Ellie had amazing nurses. My visiting teacher, Jill, works as a nurse on the PICU. She is amazing! She babysits Ellie for us and made sure she was taken care of while Ellie stayed there. I had to come home with Myla at nights. One night she brought us dinner and hung out for a while with Ellie in her room and cheered her up. She brought her halloween stickers, moved her to a bigger bed so Ismael could lay with her, and helped with a bath. After, Ellie said to Ismael, "This is the best hospital day ever!". That really meant a lot to us. Ellie also got to do a lot of TV/movie watching in the hospital. A few days after we got home, we told her she couldn't watch any more TV for the day. She started crying and said, "I just want to go back to the hospital so I can watch TV!" Oh boy...

Since Myla couldn't come into the ICU, Ismael and I switched out with her. We went on walks out in the hall, hung out in the cafeteria, and tried to get her to sleep. She doesn't sleep too well not in her bed, so she was really tired by the end of the two days. She did so good and got lots of snuggling time. PS…check out that curly hair!

I know a lot of people were praying for Ellie and us and put our names in the temple. Thank you! I can't even express how much this means to us. Sometimes when things are out of our hands, and we have no choice, it brings so much comfort knowing that friends and family are praying and love you. I know the reason Ellie is doing recovering so well is because of prayers. Heavenly Father may not heal her and have her completely better yet, but I cannot believe all of the little tender mercies He sends to help her and us through these times. 

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  1. Beautiful pics. Love chunky little Myla. Miss Ellie we love you and hope you are feeling much better!!



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