Friday, September 25, 2015

The rest of August

August was such a hot month! I am glad it is finally cooling down a little bit. 

I find Ellie entertaining Myla a lot. Its great. I love how Myla just watches Ellie all the time and Ellie is always so sweet when it come to her. 

Myla loves her playmat. She spends a lot of her awake time there looking at her toys. 

Being a parent of a toddler has been difficult, but rewarding. I have been a little exhausted from Ellie's constant care and needing me, it feels like there isn't really a break because she gets up so early and is really hard to get to her bed, plus she isn't really taking her nap anymore. Sometimes I feel like I am failing as a parent, but I am so grateful for her and her example to me. She is always so forgiving and thoughtful. 

We went to  a few little friends from the ward birthday celebration at the splash pad. I was a little nervous with Ellie's trach, but luckily she just wanted to play on the sides because she was scared. 

Ismael and I celebrated our four year anniversary! We are so bad at getting pics together. Jill Stewart watched Ellie for us while we went out to dinner at Off Site Kitchen and had dessert and the Cake Bar in Trinity Grove. It was nice to have an evening together to just talk and focus on each other. We always review our past years and talk about our favorite memories. 

We went to Braums one evening to get ice cream. 

The evenings started to cool off a little bit in the 80s towards the end of August, so we took advantage and got in some walks.

Ellie's "treasures" bag


Myla is the sweetest.

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