Friday, September 25, 2015

Bedtime Routine

Our bedtime routine is quite an adventure. Ellie makes sure we don't miss anything. It goes like this:

bath time, change all of ellie's gauze and trach ties, one story of Ellie's choice, scripture story, floss her teeth, brush her teeth, wash her face (she recently added that on in herself), say prayers, hug and kiss goodnight, turn on her "sophia" light, has us get her sippy cup, and requests food in her "tubie girl"

She seems to add new things all the time to make the routine last longer. She is not a fan of bedtime. 

Ismael reading a story to both of the girls. Sometimes he does the routine himself while I feed Myla.

Myla's version of tummy time after a minute. 

Myla is happy and content to just lay in her crib while we put Ellie to bed. 

I love her sweet baby feet

Ellie and Ismael have such a special relationship. She really adores him and he takes such good care of her. 

and one last good night kiss for Myla..

Some nights we are so tired that we try and rush getting the girls to bed. We are trying to slow down and savor the special moments with them, because time is passing so quickly. 

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