Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Myla at one month

Myla Newborn
-I took this picture, and Chrissy edited it. Thank goodness for Chrissy! I really think I will hire someone from now on to take the pictures because it is hard! 

One month

I cannot believe it has been a month. Life feels like it is passing like a dream and it is so sad. I have really tried to soak in this past month being at home with my girls and not worrying about having to go anywhere too much or keeping anything too clean. It was nice to have help with meals from our ward and with my mom here. Myla has been a dream baby. She eats great, sleeps great, and smiles all of the time. A few things about her at one month:

- Loves to look at our faces, and follows us 
-Has started to make some cooing noises
-Has smiled since she was born, it is the craziest thing. Smiles are coming a little easier now, especially in the mornings, she is the happiest. 
-Eats about every 3-4 hours during the day. Has started doing a 6 hour stretch from 8-2 am, and then another feed at 6 am. It has been great!
-Still has blue eyes
-She is very calm and sweet
-Loves looking at Ellie and Ellie loves playing with her
-Weighed in at 10lbs! 21.75" long. Can't believe how much she grew in one month!
-Loves her baths! I have been bathing her in the sink and she loves it. 

A week ago, we had a cooler morning and went on a walk by White Rock Lake and let Ellie play at the park for a while. 

Ellie is so full of life and spunk. She keeps me on my toes! She is very particular about everything. I have appreciated her help and how understanding she has been with the new baby. That being said, being a little more sleep deprived I feel I have been less patient with her. I am trying to learn to be more patient on less sleep. Any ideas!?

Ellie loves her books and going to the library to pick out new ones. 

She has especially picked up on liking Fancy Nancy. She found these shoes the other day, put them on and told me they were her fancy shoes. She tries on shoes all day, and changes her outfit multiple times. 

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