Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Myla at one month

Myla Newborn
-I took this picture, and Chrissy edited it. Thank goodness for Chrissy! I really think I will hire someone from now on to take the pictures because it is hard! 

One month

I cannot believe it has been a month. Life feels like it is passing like a dream and it is so sad. I have really tried to soak in this past month being at home with my girls and not worrying about having to go anywhere too much or keeping anything too clean. It was nice to have help with meals from our ward and with my mom here. Myla has been a dream baby. She eats great, sleeps great, and smiles all of the time. A few things about her at one month:

- Loves to look at our faces, and follows us 
-Has started to make some cooing noises
-Has smiled since she was born, it is the craziest thing. Smiles are coming a little easier now, especially in the mornings, she is the happiest. 
-Eats about every 3-4 hours during the day. Has started doing a 6 hour stretch from 8-2 am, and then another feed at 6 am. It has been great!
-Still has blue eyes
-She is very calm and sweet
-Loves looking at Ellie and Ellie loves playing with her
-Weighed in at 10lbs! 21.75" long. Can't believe how much she grew in one month!
-Loves her baths! I have been bathing her in the sink and she loves it. 

A week ago, we had a cooler morning and went on a walk by White Rock Lake and let Ellie play at the park for a while. 

Ellie is so full of life and spunk. She keeps me on my toes! She is very particular about everything. I have appreciated her help and how understanding she has been with the new baby. That being said, being a little more sleep deprived I feel I have been less patient with her. I am trying to learn to be more patient on less sleep. Any ideas!?

Ellie loves her books and going to the library to pick out new ones. 

She has especially picked up on liking Fancy Nancy. She found these shoes the other day, put them on and told me they were her fancy shoes. She tries on shoes all day, and changes her outfit multiple times. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The last few weeks..

These past few weeks have been wonderful. I love these two little girls so much.Yesterday marked 3 weeks since Myla was born! I can't  believe how fast that went and  how much she has changed just looking at these pictures. I love having a newborn in the house.

One week old

Ellie loves to hold her (it doesn't last too long before she starts crying). 


Myla has been such a sweet baby. She is so alert and has been giving us little smiles since day one. I am really trying to soak in these moments and it still feels like they are going to fast! 
Ismael has been so busy with work. He leaves around 6-6:30 am and gets home between 5:30-7 at night. He helps out with the girls when he gets home. I am so grateful for him. Poor dad will never catch up on sleep!

My mom flew in on August 1st and stayed with us for a week. I miss her so much already. She has been doing a lot of traveling this past year, and has not had good luck with her flights. Everything went great with this flight, except Ismael went to the wrong airport to pick her up! I do not know how we miscommunicated that, but luckily it didn't take him too long to get to the other airport. 

It was so nice to have my mom here. She helped me so much with the girls. She took Myla late at night when she was fussy and got up early with Ellie so I could get some extra sleep. Ellie is our 5 am alarm clock. EVERY DAY. I am definitely feeling a little more sleep deprived this week with my mom gone.  

Myla loves her baths. She is so peaceful and makes the cutest faces while she is in the water. 

Ellie hasn't been sleeping very well since Myla has come home. It has been taking her forever to go to sleep at night and calm down. Even her naps are really awful. I feel bad because I haven't been very patient, and it is a lot harder when I am tired. We have probably broken all the parenting rules and have tried everything to get her to stay in her bed from threatening to shut the doors and putting her outside with the snakes. Horrible, I know. 

While my mom was here, she made us so much good food and filled our freezer. It was great. She made us her chicken noodle soup and roast and potatoes. She also made us homemade bread for the freezer, french bread, buns, chicken rollups, blueberry muffins, and peach cobbler. SO good! Thanks mom!!

I love Ismael so much! He is an amazing dad to these little girls. I know I say that a lot, but I really couldn't be any more grateful for him! 

It was so nice to just have company at home for a week. Mom brought her Love Comes Softly movies and we watched those all weeks. It is way to hot here to go out. We would get out some mornings for a little bit, and that was even pushing it. We also ate way too many treats, which will remain unnamed. 
Mom sewed the girls blankets too. I forgot to get a picture, but they are so adorable. 

I am so grateful that Mom was able to come visit me, even though she has had a lot of her own challenges these past few months. She is amazing. 

Myla's hair is so fluffily after her baths! 

Ellie loves dressing up. She changes her clothes at least five times a day. She found her old ladybug costume and wanted to dress Myla up. 

I got out the other morning for a little walk with the girls while it was still semi-cool. It was so nice to be out of the house for a little bit. 

Myla loved being in her carrier and was so alert the whole time. 

I love my crazy days with these girls! Even though most of the time I barely have time to get myself ready. 

I caught one of Myla's smiles yesterday!


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