Monday, July 27, 2015

Myla Jade

Tuesday, July 22, we welcomed a sweet new little girl into our family. I never got a picture of myself that day, but this is the day before I delivered. One of the missionaries in our area got transferred, and stopped by to say goodbye before he left. 
I had been having contractions most of the day, sometimes consistent, sometimes not. They would come and go, and stop for a few hours. I was pretty sure something was happening! The next morning I had a doctor appointment at 8:45 am. He checked me, and said nothing had happened at all. My blood pressure was quite higher than my normal, which concerned him. He told me to come back in 3 days to check my blood pressure again. I went home pretty disappointed because I was feeling VERY pregnant, VERY hot, and I wanted some sign that I would be delivering soon. It has been consistently in the 100s here in Dallas and I was so ready to meet our baby! The doctor told me to rest, and only get up to go to the bathroom. I thought, ok that is easy with a toddler. Ellie and watched movies on the couch, played some games and read a lot of books to pass our time during the day. We had dinner that night, and I remember feeling a few strong contractions, but nothing consistent. We got Ellie down for bed around 9:30, and I started feeling some more consistent contractions. I started timing them around 15-20 minutes apart, nothing alarming. Around 10:00 they were still coming pretty consistent. My mom called me to talk about her plane ticket to come out. I told her I wasn't sure what she should do, because I thought I was going to go past my due date. My contractions were soon about 10 min apart, and then so quickly, they were 5 minutes apart and very painful. I really didn't want to go to the hospital if it wasn't the real thing. I woke Ismael up, and he finished getting our bags together in case we decided to go. I called the doctor and they told me to come in. My contractions had gotten way stronger and I knew it was time. I called my friend Noralyn, who came over and stayed with Ellie. She got here around 12-12:30 am. On our way to the hospital, I rolled down my window and lost all of my dinner. I was so nauseous from the pain. Good thing it only took 5 minutes to get there! Of course, I had forgotten to preregister with the hospital, so that took some time. They checked me, and I was at 5cm. When I finally got back to my delivery room, I was dilated to 7 cm, and screaming! I just wanted the epidural, but the anesthesiologist was still finishing up on another patient. I felt like it took him forever to get there. At this point, my contractions were so close together that I had no time to recover. They told me that if I wanted to get the epidural, and I definitely still did, that I would have to be able to hold still. Ismael had to leave the room for the epidural and I was not expecting that. By the time I got the epidural, I was dilated to 10 cm. Right after my epidural, Dr. Angel checked me, and said I was ready to push. Five minutes later, Myla was born at 2:24 am, just two hours after getting to the hospital. I cried, because it was such a miracle. She weighed 7 lbs 6 oz, and was 20 1/2 inches long. 

She was having trouble keeping up her oxygen saturations, so they called some of the NICU team to come help her. She had a lot of thick secretions and spent quite some time suctioning her out. They said it was because she came out so quickly. I could tell Ismael was very nervous and discouraged. He told the team the things Ellie was born with and that there was a possibility this baby could have that. I felt peace, and knew everything was fine. It was a little scary because of our experience with Ellie. 

My first time holding her and seeing those little eyes look up at me. 

When we got to our room, I was so tired. 

These are the next morning after she was born. Ismael went home to be with Ellie about 6 am. She had woken up in the night, and was confused. She was so excited to meet her baby sister! I felt bad because she kept Noralyn up most of the night. 

Ellie's first time meeting Myla. Ellie was nervous seeing me at the hospital and kind of ignored me for the whole week. She only wanted her daddy. 

Family of four. 

I love that I caught this cute sleep smile. 

 First bath

We went home on Friday, the 24th around 12. I had gotten a spinal headache from my epidural and got a blood patch to fix it the night before. 

First day at home. 

Myla has been such a sweet baby. She is so calm. It has been so neat for me to have this experience with her and Ellie. I have been feeling like I am in heaven all week long.  I am so grateful to be the mom to these special girls! 


  1. Precious! I got tears reading your post about being in heaven all week and a mom. Myla is beautiful and an obvious angel. I am so proud of you Birdie!

    1. I have to second what Holly says. You are a top notch mom! Myla is just a doll baby, I wish so bad I could hold her!!!!



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