Sunday, June 7, 2015


Over Memorial weekend, we took a road trip to Alabama to visit the Opperman family. The Merkley's and my mom were also able to come. We had so much fun with our family! I hardly even saw Ellie the whole week because she had so many cousins playing with her. It was great!!

One evening we took a walk  down around a pond near their house. 

Couple Pictures:

Dylan caught a little lizard:

The kids played on the playground for a long time. 

All of the kids caught a little frog. 

Bonnie letting the frog go:

On Memorial day, we went the to Tuskagee Airmen Musuem. It was very interesting and I loved learning more about the Tuskagee Airmen. 

There were lots of dance parties that went on throughout the week. Cayden played "Let it Go" on the piano for all of the girls. 

P.S. that is you, Chrissy, on Skype in the background ;)

Every night we were there, Ellie fell asleep 

Jenny and Lee watched the kids one day so we could go to the Rosa Parks Musuem. Amazing! 

One night we did smores and had a dance party. 

More dancing!

It stormed a lot while we were there. We took advantage of the one morning that was sunny to go to the pool. 

We had the best time and always love spending time with family and cousins!

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