Sunday, May 31, 2015

Utah/Idaho Trip

Ellie and I traveled to Utah and Idaho for two weeks in April. We were originally going to go in March, but changed our tickets for April because Chrissy was going to be there also. We had such a good time visiting family! 

Ismael dropped us off at the airport early on the 14th. Our flight left by 6 am. It was quite the feat to get through security and figure out how to bring all of Ellie's medical equipment. Luckily, they gave Ismael a pass to help me get through security and to my gate. It was so hard to say goodbye to him. I was not expecting the emptiness I felt as we left! My dad picked us up from the airport. Ellie was so excited to see Grandpa! She loved riding in his big truck and being able to see everything. It feel so weird to be back in Utah, since it had been a year and a half since I had visited. 

Ellie loved the fun playhouse at Grandpas. 

Meeting the new baby kitty. 

That afternoon, a huge snow storm came through! Apparently it was the biggest storm they had the whole winter. We even lost power for a few hours. 

The next day I met up with Holly and her kids in Salt Lake. We did some shopping and then went and walked around Temple Square with the kids. It was wet and cold, so we went mostly in the visitors centers. 

Leslie took the next day off of work and we went to the aquarium in Sandy. It was awesome! Poor Ellie was terrified of the sharks and pretty much anything behind the glass where it was dark. 

We had a get together at my dads with Scott and Sarah, Holly, Chrissy and Jared, and Grandma. 

The kids played outside all day Saturday and even got to go on a four wheeler ride!

We went to Reagan's baby blessing on Sunday. It was a beautiful day. After, we went over to the Phelps for  a luncheon. So happy that Reagan is a part of this family! She is the sweetest.

Later that afternoon I rode with Holly and her kids up to Idaho. It is so fun to be at Grandma's house! 

We had a lot of fun at my moms house all week. We took the kids to the zoo one day.
Love my mom. 

Brother Pena, from my mom's ward, took us over and gave us a tour of the new fire station in Shelley. 

The kids had a lot of fun park time. 

We went out to lunch one day with my Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Shirley, Anna, Amy, Megan, Taylor Clayton, and some of their kids. It was fun to catch up with them. Ellie loved the beans! Takes after her dad. 

We went and saw MacFarland USA with my mom and Brent. Loved this movie! 

We rode back to Utah and my dad took us to the airport. 

On our way back home to Texas! So glad I was able to visit family and friends! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This year, General Conference and Easter landed on the same weekend. I loved it! We had a little Easter egg hunt with the primary in our ward. Ellie wasn't too aggressive at getting the eggs, but had fun. On the Saturday of Conference weekend, we had the spanish missionaries and a Maria Morales over to watch Conference at our place. It was really fun! I made a cinnamon roll cake and breakfast casserole.  They watched it in spanish and I watched it on my computer with headphones. After the last session, we fed them, another set of missionaries, and our good friends dinner too. It was a blast! By the end of the day, I was super tired. I thought of my mom, who is the master at cooking for a lot of people and entertaining! I don't know how she does it!

We dyed easter eggs one night. Ellie loved the stickers.

 We have been really trying to be more intentional about FHE the last few months. Ellie is at the age where she just soaks everything up. We usually do a small lesson for her, play a game, and then have a treat. She is so excited every Monday when I tell her it is FHE. She usually asks for Ismael to do the lesson, which I think is funny because I often prepare pictures and fun stories, and when Ismael gives the lesson, he just gets his scriptures and teaches her a story or reads a scripture and explains to her. Shows that simple goes a long way, even with kids! Her most requested games are hide and seek and "pato pato". There really is such a special feeling in our home when we do this! On Tuesday nights, we have been doing a FHE at the church with the Spanish missionaries and any investigators they have. We have loved that. 

On this evening, we took advantage of the beautiful weather to go out and fly a kite. We also played a little baseball and hopscotch.  

Other little things from April: Between me and Ellie, we have a lot of Dr. appointments! I am seeing a maternal fetal specialist, as well as my regular OB. I bring Ellie to all of my appointments and she is so good. She prefers my doctor appointments to hers and is happy that mommy is the one getting shots. 

Still loves to be a baker. She will get her play computer, and tell me she is getting recipes to make in her kitchen. 

Ellie loves to hug and give kisses  to her baby sister. I am amazed at how much she has understood this whole pregnancy! It has been really fun preparing her and talking to her about how things will change when the new baby is born. She spends hours practicing on her baby dolls every day. She is excited to change baby sisters diaper, feed her a ba-ba, give her her binky, help her go to sleep, and "watch her while mommy cooks in the kitchen". 

My birthday was in April. Wow, I didn't get any pictures. Ismael has been so busy with work, that we ended up just going out to dinner, which was great! Ellie played in the water fountains after. 

One day, Ellie asked if she could have a journal. She surprises me all the time. I got her a little notebook and then I found her like this by her bed. I asked her what she was writing and she said "I love Jesus and Heavenly Father". Another time she asked me for a piece of paper and told me she was writing a letter to her doctor. She said that she wrote, "I love you and am obedient to my parents." I thought that was so cute! 

This pregnancy has flown by. I am almost 30 weeks now. It has started getting warmer here and I have been feeling so hot, but otherwise great. I have been really grateful for a healthy pregnancy, and everything looks good with the baby so far. The biggest trouble we have had is deciding on a name. We still have no idea. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

A few from March

Ellie loves dancing and dressing up..

Guilty! Found with the chocolate chips!

Dancing and playing with her friend Aden. 

Reading stories with dad. 

Ellie went to one of her friends "princess birthday" party. 

Walking and holding hands with her friend Jimmy.  

I love spring! It is so nice to be able to play outside, especially when Dad is home. 



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