Sunday, March 22, 2015

Christmas 2014

We had the best Christmas this year, but missed our family! I loved being starting some of our own traditions and keeping things simple. 

We decorated a gingerbread house together. 

Christmas Eve we had Maria over for dinner, and did a little Christmas program. We drove around and saw the Christmas lights. 

 Of course we had a little dance party too. 

Setting out our stockings for Santa..

Christmas morning was a blast. I don't think Ellie quite understood that Santa had visited our house and couldn't understand why we were trying to hold her back from the living room. 

Ellie's main gift this year was a new play kitchen. She loves cooking with me in the kitchen and "pretending" to make smoothies, taco salad, pizza, ect. She loves her kitchen, but mostly if we play with her. She always asks me, "Will you be my baker?" when she wants me to play with her. 

So happy!

We had a great day and didn't rush through anything. We were very blessed in 2014 and are grateful everyday for the greatest gift we have been given, our Savior. 

Mom comes for a visit

Better late than never, right? My mom came for a visit in December. I wish my mom could come visit every month! It was great. I was a little tired and sick from being pregnant so it was nice to have her. 
We had a little sign picking her up from the airport. Ellie was so excited! She still asks, "Can we go to the airport today and get Grandma Polly?"

While she was here, we went on some walks, did some shopping, and mom played with Ellie a lot. Ismael was able to take one day off of work and we went to the Arboretum. We have a membership there. It was the perfect day! 60 degree weather and overcast. In December they have a 12 days of Christmas display with different gazebos throughout the gardens that represent each day of Christmas. 

Love these colors..

We also went to the Perot Museum. 

We had a great time with Mom. Thanks for coming and come back soon! 

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