Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I really don't have too many pictures from the last few months. They passed like a blur. It was pretty hot July and August, so we didn't get out too much other than a few short walks and going swimming. Here are a few of the pictures I do have:

We spent a morning at the Arboretum with friends.

Ellie loves dressing up and dancing. 

We love to go down to White Rock lake and walk or go rollerblading. 

Ellie is our little reader. I often find her laying in random places reading her books. I love it. 

Ellie has been sick a lot since the beginning of August. Sickness is harder on her body, and we have to watch her very close. One night her fever got pretty high, so we were trying to cool her down with a  cold rag. She wasn't a fan. 

Watching movies while she was sick. 

Lots of cuddling. 

I have been working on some Project Life albums, trying to catch up on pictures!

We celebrated our 3 year Anniversary in August! My visiting teacher is a PICU nurse at the Children's hospital, and watched Ellie for us. We went out to dinner, went miniature golfing, and walked around White Rock Lake after. 

Waiting at the hospital for a doctor appointment. 

I went to Time Out For Women with a few girls from my ward. 

Ellie loves to clean (I hope this lasts forever, but I highly doubt it!) She told me one day that her "popper" was dirty and she needed to wipe it. 

Late night at the grocery store. 

Here is to hoping I can stay caught up on the blog better, so I don't have to do such random posts of pictures! 


  1. Oh Ellie is getting so big so fast! We sure miss you guys and sorry she hasn't been feeling good

  2. thanks for sharing. I love seeing your blog



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