Sunday, June 29, 2014


Yesterday Ellie turned two. The past two years have been the best. She is the happiest little girl and we love her so much. I am so grateful to be her mom and that I can spend my time every day taking care of her and being with her. I love her curly hair, her dark brown eyes, and her contagious smile. She has such a friendly personality and everyone that meets her or sees her is immediately drawn to her. 

She is quite the little talker and repeats almost everything we say, which is amazing because she has her trach. Some of her phrases: "Hello Mama" "Whatcha doing?" "What happened?" "I love you!" "I'm so proud of you!" "up and down" "Ya…ok!" "I like it" "Hola, te quiero mucho" "gracias" and much much more. 

Her favorite things to do right now are going to the park, playing with her friend Flora Kate, playing with her baby dolls, reading books, swimming, dancing, and skyping with family. She also loves singing songs and finger plays. She is very attached to Ismael and I, and always wants to make sure we are in sight. 

Ellie adores her dad. Every day when he comes home from work she is right there at the door to greet him with the biggest kisses and tightest hugs. She makes him feel like the most important person in the world. I am so grateful that Ellie has such an amazing dad. 

Ellie's health has improved so much as she has grown over the last year. Ismael and I always talk about how our biggest blessing within the last year has been having Ellie healthy. We are thankful everyday that she is home with us. 

Happy two years Ellie! Thanks for making us the happiest and proudest parents. Looking forward to many years to come. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cedar Ridge Preserve

On Memorial weekend, we headed out for a little hike at Cedar Ridge Preserve. There really isn't much "hiking" around Dallas, mostly just trails. It was perfect for us. We made it out before it got too hot, and luckily it was overcast for us.  

It was nice to feel like we were out of the city for a little bit. 


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