Thursday, May 29, 2014


We went to the Arboretum with our friends from our apartment complex. Ellie and Flora have become pretty good friends. 

Ellie has speech therapy (for eating)  twice a week. She loves her therapist Maura. Ellie has vitalstim (the stickers on her chin) to stimulate her swallowing muscles and strengthen them. She does so good with this! Right now Ellie is just doing water trials. We color the water we feed her with food coloring so we can tell if it comes out of her trach colored if she is aspirating or not. We also thicken the water so it is easier to swallow. 

I experienced my first tornado warning a few weeks ago. Ellie and I were watching the storm from our window, and then we heard the tornado sirens and got a text on our phone to find shelter immediately. We hung out in our bathroom for about a half an hour until it was ok to come out.  

The beautiful evening sky after the storm. 

Best smile around! 

Our little porch garden has started producing! I don't know if we will get much, but it has been fun to have some things growing. Here are our green beans: 

and our peppers. 

Life is so good!

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