Friday, May 2, 2014


We had a few rainstorms in April. When it rains here, it really comes down. I love it! This was general conference weekend.

We love going out on the grass behind our apartment and laying out on the blanket. Ellie plays soccer with Ismael, and sometimes Ismael and I play volleyball. 

April 15-19th Ellie and I flew to Arizona for our girls trip with my mom and sisters. It was so good to be with everyone! There is nothing like being together with my mom and sisters! Our second day there, I came down with hand, foot, and mouth disease. It is such a nasty virus! I was feverish,  had a really sore throat,  and a rash on my hands and feet. I felt so bad because Paige and Covey caught it from me. 

We did a lot of shopping, shopping, and more shopping! Ellie was such a good sport. 

One of the days, we went to the train park in Scottsdale. Ellie loved going on the carousel and the train around the park. Such a fun little place to go! 

On the airplane on the ride home. 

I lucked out! After about 20 minutes on the plane, Ellie fell asleep and slept the whole way home. We were on the plane for a little over three hours, because we had a short stop in ABQ. 

The day after we got home was Easter. I went into the urgent care in the morning because I was getting a little worried about the weird rash I had. Luckily it was just the virus. We went out and did a little egg hunt for Ellie that afternoon. 

We go on a lot of walks to the lakes at our apartments. Ellie loves it because she gets to feed the fish, ducks, and turtles. I love having such a nice trail so close to us. 

Ellie also loves the park. We take her there a few times a week. She just started going down the slide all by herself! 


  1. I love the picture in the slide! So cute!

  2. Cute Pictures! You guys are a cute family and do a lot of fun things together! her dress was so cute too.



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