Friday, March 21, 2014


We are still going on a lot of walks. Most of these are so Ellie can get out and explore and walk herself. She loves being outside.  

Since she loves being outside so much, I put a little piece of our carpet out on our porch with some of her toys. She is usually sick of these toys, but somehow playing with them outside made them seem interesting again. 

For as long as we can remember, Ellie has hated any doll. She has always been scared at them and says "No" and runs away if we get one out. She finally warmed up to these twin baby dolls that were mine when I was little. She loves holding them, feeding them a bottle, patting their back, and putting them to bed with their blankets. So far, these are the only dolls she will touch. 

Our friends came over one afternoon and all Ellie wanted to do was hold the "baby". I love this picture.

I just love getting these cuddles. 

We have been playing at the park a lot too. Ellie loves the swings and watching older kids play. She does not love leaving the park, which usually ends in a few tears. I can't believe how big she looks in these pictures, especially compared to last year.

Ellie get tobramyacin treatments 28 days on, 28 day off from now on. It takes about 30 min. morning and night for the treatment to finish. 

We love dancing in our house. 

Out for a walk feeding the fish and the ducks. 

Ismael's mom has always wanted Ellie to have a "poofy" dress. She gave Ellie this pink dress last year. Since, Ellie has been more interested now in dressing up, I put this on her the other day. She loved it and walked around and danced for hours. 

For FHE this week, we planted some seeds in milk jugs for our little garden. I just hope they grow! 


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