Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hello February!

Lately around 4:30-5:00 pm, Ellie has been climbing up on the couch and asking for blanky and binky. She usually gets tired around this time, but we just keep her up for a couple more hours so she will sleep better at night. 

This time I left her for a couple of minutes while I was cooking and came back and found this:

The very last day of January we celebrated Ismael's 28th birthday. We went out to dinner to Torchy's Tacos. It ended up being a disaster with Ellie. She was unhappy the whole time.  When we got home Ismael opened his presents and then we had cake. 

I gave him the movie The Hobbit, which he had been wanting to see for a really long time. 

I also gave him 10 envelopes of planned dates/family activities for us to do throughout the year that already had the money and everything ready to go in them. That night we also watched the season finale of White Collar, one of our favorite shows to watch together. 

 For our Valentines, I made a nice dinner and we ate by candlelight as a family. Ismael had those flowers delivered to me and as you can tell, Ellie loved them. 

This was her face throughout the whole dinner. "What are we doing?!"

I feel bad Ismael and I never get pictures together! I need to be better about setting up our camera.

Yesterday (Saturday), we went to the zoo. This was one of the planned activities for Ismael's birthday. We had a blast. I think it was a little hard for Ellie to find some of the animals behind the gates. At one point we were trying to point out an animal and she was staring and smiling at a fan close to where we were pointing. Ha, I love how easily pleased she is.

Surprisingly, Ellie was not scared of the snake at all! She was very happy to pet it. 

One thing I am really loving lately:

Dave Ramsey's book: The Total Money Makeover

If you haven't read this, READ IT NOW! This is the second time we have read it. I has really helped us learn to control our own money and budget. It doesn't make you feel bad, but motivates you so much! "Live now like no one else, so later you can live like no one else." We also listen to his radio show online a lot, which keeps me from wanting to spend money. 


  1. I forgot to mention how ADORABLE Ellie's crib decor is! Good job! Glad Ismael had a fun birthday (Did you ever get our video message to work?). Your Valentine dinner looks fabulous! Ellie looks so grown up and happy. What a joy she is! I just pulled out our Dave Ramsey book yesterday and started rereading some sections. Ahhh! He is so motivating! Makes me want to save every penny!

  2. So, why won't Abby go to sleep on her own like that?! She totally has to be confined to her crib with no hope of getting out to fall asleep. Ellie is adorable! :) You are such a good mom/wife.



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