Friday, January 3, 2014

Goodbye 2013!

I cannot believe another year has passed! 2013 treated us well and was filled with a lot of tears, stress, joy, improvements, and learning experiences. 

Looking back a year ago from today, I would have never thought we would do some of the things we did throughout the year because of Ellie's health. I felt like we would always be confined to our house, and that enjoying life outside our apartment would never happen again. Even visiting family stressed me out. 

I am so grateful for the improvements in Ellie's health. She has come so far and is so resilient. She was hospitalized twice last year, the last time being in May. Since then, we have been able to manage sickness at home. I never thought that would happen! 2013 was filled with many blessings for our family, and Ellie's health was one of our biggest blessings. 

Just a few of my favorite things throughout the year:

All of our family being together in Idaho for Katie's baptism. 

Ellie meeting some other babies that were in the NICU with her. 

Living right by Temple Square and walking around there every day. 

Also living right by City Creek :)

Going and listening to the Tabernacle Choir practice on Thursday nights. 

Fourth of July in Idaho. 

Hanging out with my sister for TWO whole weeks!

Watching these two become little friends.

Many walks in our matching strollers. 

Weekly concerts at the Brigham Young Park.

Beautiful summer hikes.

Ellie going to church for the first time. 

REAL Salt Lake Soccer Game

Halloween at Grandpa and Grandma McFarlane's.

Our move to Texas.

Ellie's first plane ride (other than being transported on the jet).

Ellie walking!

Christmas in Utah!


And finally, our year couldn't have ended better with my mom getting married. Wahoo! (photo by Chrissy)

 What a fun year! Bring on 2014!

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  1. Love it! I'm so glad it was such a great year for you guys as well. It was fun to see you and catch up!



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