Friday, December 20, 2013

November and a little December

November sure flew by fast and I can't believe its already the middle of December! I have been enjoying the simplicity of our life lately. I love spending my days with Ellie and when Ismael gets home from work. 

Ellie found our pile of blankets on the side of our couch and was pretending to sleep and cuddle on them. We found this funny because she hates blankets! We have to put her blankets on her after she falls asleep and even sometimes in the night she will wake up and realize they are on her and tear them off. 

She also always sticks her feet and her hands out of her crib. 

She loves to finish of the last little drips from her milk.

Ellie always wants all of her bows in her hair. She will keep bringing them to me to put more in. 

Out for a walk one Sunday afternoon. Perfect weather!

Swinging with friends at the park. 

My first Thanksgiving turkey! It was a success.

Thanksgiving dinner

Ismael quickly drew up some pictures after dinner to tell Ellie the story of Thanksgiving. 

She loved it!

Two weeks ago a big ice storm hit Dallas. This is the tree right outside our window and kind of shows you how everything was just covered in ice. 

We lost power for 14 1/2 hours. We all bundled up in layers to keep warm. 

We built a fort, brought our lantern in and read books. Somehow it seemed  a little warmer in there. 

Making a handprint Christmas tree for decoration. 

Grandma Polly sent Ellie this nativity set for Christmas. She loves it! Her favorite is the little lamb. 

It plays "Away in a Manger" when you push the angel down. 

When the weather is nice, we go on walks. There is some little lakes with a trail around them at our apartment. There are a ton of ducks and Ellie loves them! She says "quack, quack" over her trach. I loves these pictures of her and Ismael looking at the ducks.

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  1. She is so beautiful!!!! Seriously, I die every time I see her pictures, she's so pretty! She gets it from her momma though for sure looking at the pictures from you. I miss you guys!



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