Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A few summer happenings...

Summer has treated us well and sadly, has flown by! It has been so fun taking out Ellie more and exploring with her. We tried to get out a lot because our apartment was 80 degrees or more almost ALL the time! 

We went to the Water Conservation Park in West Jordan. Ismael wanted to look at plants and design ideas.

 For FHE one night we went to Tracy Aviary. Ellie was actually really good at finding all of the birds in their different cages. 

One of the highlights of our summer was living so close to Memory Grove and City Creek Canyon.

We went on so many walks/runs there. It was the perfect place to go because it was shaded, had a paved path, and safe.

Ellie was definitely not a fan of being in her stroller for a long amount of time. She likes to get out and see things.

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