Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just some fun ones..

I was just going through my iPhoto Library and thought I would share some of these random fun pictures of mostly Ellie...

One of our last walks to Temple Square and City Creek while we still lived downtown. 

Ellie LOVES water.

Watching the fountain show.

One night Ellie found her box of headbands and kept trying to put them on. She kept handing them to me to put more on her head.

Kisses for dad.

Some wild morning hair.

And some more wild morning hair!

Riding around on Dad's back.

Ellie loves to her with her g-tube feeds now.

Chrissy, Jared, and Paige came to visit! Ellie especially loves Chrissy and was even wanting her over me!

Cute Paige.

Last week Ellie got sick. We were able to keep her out of the hospital for the first time! Yay!
We had to put her on a steroid to help her breathing, which made her very grumpy, but she made it through it and so did we!

Ellie has been practicing her walking skills. Pushing around her toy everywhere.

While it was still warm, we would go out on this sidewalk behind our apartment and walk up and down it. All of a sudden, it is just too cold!

Ellie loves her sunglasses. This particular day she had them on for hours. Just putting them on, off, looking in the mirror, crawling around with them on, playing.. Too cute.

One evening out on the swing set.

Ellie and Paige at church. They love each other.

Chrissy and I thought it would be funny to put them in this cart to push around target. We had a pretty good laugh. The girls just really didn't know what to think.

We love our shopping buddies!

Sorry for the picture overload!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Hike to Bell Canyon

On Labor Day we went on a little hike to Bell Canyon. My mom, Chrissy, and Paige were in town. It was so beautiful. Ismael was a champ and carried Ellie on his shoulders the whole way. 

This was a nice, easy and short hike to get to the reservoir. It was also close enough to the city so we didn't have to drive very far. Perfect. There is also two waterfalls to hike up to, but we didn't go that far.  Have I mentioned how grateful I am that we have been able to take Ellie out so much this summer? It has been wonderful. 

I love this candid shot of everyone. 

Ells was very intrigued by the ducks. 

A few summer happenings...

Summer has treated us well and sadly, has flown by! It has been so fun taking out Ellie more and exploring with her. We tried to get out a lot because our apartment was 80 degrees or more almost ALL the time! 

We went to the Water Conservation Park in West Jordan. Ismael wanted to look at plants and design ideas.

 For FHE one night we went to Tracy Aviary. Ellie was actually really good at finding all of the birds in their different cages. 

One of the highlights of our summer was living so close to Memory Grove and City Creek Canyon.

We went on so many walks/runs there. It was the perfect place to go because it was shaded, had a paved path, and safe.

Ellie was definitely not a fan of being in her stroller for a long amount of time. She likes to get out and see things.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


This past weekend we moved from downtown Salt Lake. Part of me was sad, and part happy. I get sentimental about things and my heart was already missing the apartment that we have lived in this past year. We went through a lot this past year after Ellie was born so there are a lot of memories tied to it. It was the place we brought Ellie home and the only home she has known so far.

It was also such a special place to live being right by the conference center and temple square. We were able to do so many things this summer because of everything being so close. One of our favorite things was to go to the Concerts in the Park. I have a special place in my heart for the Salt Lake temple now. After living in Rexburg so close to the temple, I never thought I would be that close to a temple again. But we were even closer living in Salt Lake.

 I did love the area, but the apartment was a bit of a trial sometimes. We went through bed bugs right when we moved in a year ago (the neighbor upstairs had them and they came down to us). Ellie was still in the hospital and it was pretty traumatic for me and I am still terrified of ever getting them again. It took almost 4 months to get rid of them and we went through washing ALL of our clothes and blankets ect. many times. If you ever get bed bugs, call me because I am pretty sure I know everything about them now after reading every article on the internet. Our apartment was also 80 degrees year round, because of the pipes in the building. Also, we went through cockroaches this summer. I also know everything about them now. I hate pests, and have lost more sleep over them than my baby. Oh and we didn't have a washer and dryer, so I am in heaven to have that luxury at our new place. Oh and no dishwasher. Even though we had all those things the apartment was still a huge blessing to us at that time.

Ok, back to moving week. It was pretty exhausting not only for us, but Ellie too. I found her passed out sleeping quite a few times. She never does this and fights sleep so much.

Right before moving..

 Ellie had fallen asleep on the way, so when we got to our new apartment I just found one of my sweaters to lay her on.
I forget how exhausting moving is!

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