Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ellie turns One!

Ellie turned one on June 28.

Here she is one year ago:

Happy Birthday to our dear angel baby Ellie,

I can't believe it was a year ago that you surprised us 5 weeks early. In so many ways you have bettered our lives. Its amazing to see how your life has improved in one year, how much your little body has progressed and overcome. You surprise me everyday. You have gone through four surgeries and numerous other procedures in the OR. You are so happy everyday even though your physical body is not perfect. I can definitely learn from your example. You are a great example to me of faith and endurance, patience and love, submission and compassion, sacrifice and joy, and perspective. 

Everyday I am learning something new, or something I need to relearn. Because of you, I have learned more about myself. Some of our struggles have been big, but our blessings have been greater. I love the bond that I share with  you as your mom, even though you are silent, and words are not spoken. 

Even though your little body is imperfect right now, you are strong and resilient. You have such a brave spirit. You are perfect to me and I wouldn't change your first year in any other way. I think you have already taught me more than I can ever teach you. 

I love when you hear our door click and immediately start flapping your arms because you are so excited that your dad is home from work. Watching you speed crawl over to him is the cutest thing. I know it makes him happier than anything, and me too. 

You love to clap your hands now, and have started waving too. You also shake your head no at me. Your two absolute favorite things are to have us hold your hands so you can walk, and for us to carry you in the baby carrier. You love to talk to family on Skype, hold the phone up to your ear, and "pretend" to eat.

You are a very social baby and love to be out doing things. When people walk by and don't look at you or talk to you, you smile and follow them with your eyes and get a confused look on your face and wonder why they didn't stop and talk to you. You are so used to everyone marveling over you. I love  how observant you are and I love seeing the world through your eyes. 

Oh sometimes I can't believe how much we love you! You are the center of our world, and we are the center of yours.  

Happy One Year Ellie! We are excited for many more birthdays to come. 


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