Monday, June 3, 2013

The Last of May

We were supposed to head to Idaho for Memorial weekend, but on Friday morning, Ellie's oxygen needs went up and she started working really hard to breath. I called Ismael at work and he rushed home so we could get her to the emergency room at PCMC.  Again, we are so grateful to live so close. 

Ellie was in the hospital until Sunday. Every time she goes back it is harder for her because she is much  more aware of what is going on. She cried every time anyone would even come in her room or close to her because she thought they were going to hurt her. 

My mom came from Idaho and took care of us so we could take care of our baby. Ismael stayed at the hospital during the nights and I came in the morning so he could go home and rest. It was nice to have her there for company. She was also a big help with Ellie. Ellie was getting albuterol treatments every hour for a while and she got very restless and wired, which made me very tired. 
Glad she is home now and over the cold!

Ellie and I walked down to Heber C. Kimball's and family's grave this past week. We both enjoyed the fresh air.

We also went to Liberty Park on another day and discovered Ellie's new favorite thing to do..Swing. 

More walks around the temple. 

On Saturday we went and did the short hike up to Ensign Peak. We all enjoyed it so much. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mothers Day Weekend

First, I just had to throw in these adorable bath pictures of Ellie. They are the cutest. 

My wonderful mother came up for the weekend. I am so happy that we got to spend time with her. On Saturday morning, Ismael, Ellie, and I went out for a short jog. After we walked down to temple square because my cousin Anthony's daughter got married. My mom and Brent went to the wedding and we went down to say hi to everyone. Ellie met Uncle Byard and Aunt Shirley. 

We took some pictures on the temple grounds. The weather was so beautiful! 

I also got some lovely photos of my Mom and Brent.  Woo woo!

That evening, while my mom and I were preparing dinner, Ismael took Ellie out on our porch and made a "Starship" with her. He flew her around in it for quite a while. She just adores her daddy.

On Sunday after church, we went to Brent's house and had dinner with his parents, sister, and Scott and Sarah fam. Great food and company. Brent has such a nice family. We grilled teriaki chicken and had homemade ice-cream for dessert (my fav!). 

I love these kids! They have the biggest, cutest, and funniest personalities. 

 I had such an enjoyable weekend spending time with my family and celebrating mothers. I am especially grateful for my mother, who has taught me so much and is the best example of the kind of mom I want to be. She has helped us out so much this past year and I am overfilled with gratitude to have her near. 


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