Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Temple Square in the Spring

is absolutely breathtaking. Oh I love it so much. There could not be a more perfect place to take a family walk, which is why we go multiple times a week. 

All of the flowers have been in their prime the last couple of weeks. I wish pictures could do the beauty justice.

Stunning. I am amazed at how everything is perfectly designed and maintained. 

Ismael took some pictures of Ellie and I for mothers day. I love being a mom and I honestly barely remember life without Ellie in ours. `

Family truly is everything. 

Ellie does not like touching the grass at all. 

Trying to be happy about it. 

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  1. Your pictures really are breathtaking! I am so glad you posted the flowers on Temple Square. Sure miss seeing that beauty all around! Your family pictures are just so beautiful! I love your Mother's Day on of you and Ellie. I can't stop smiling about the one of Ellie crying about the grass-- so funny, but sad!



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