Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Temple Square in the Spring

is absolutely breathtaking. Oh I love it so much. There could not be a more perfect place to take a family walk, which is why we go multiple times a week. 

All of the flowers have been in their prime the last couple of weeks. I wish pictures could do the beauty justice.

Stunning. I am amazed at how everything is perfectly designed and maintained. 

Ismael took some pictures of Ellie and I for mothers day. I love being a mom and I honestly barely remember life without Ellie in ours. `

Family truly is everything. 

Ellie does not like touching the grass at all. 

Trying to be happy about it. 

NICU Friends

A couple weeks ago we met up with some friends that were in Primary Children's NICU the same time as Ellie. It was so fun seeing these babies together out of the hospital! 

 Ellie, Savannah, and Robyn

I really enjoyed talking with Patty and Crescent. We all understand each other and how hard it is to have fragile children and how it is to constantly be worried about various medical problems. I feel a special bond with all of the moms that I met at the hospital. We all just "got" each other and understood. 

Savannah (in the middle) was born with a laryngeal cleft type 3, just like Ellie. Larygneal Clefts are rare in and of themselves, and type 3's are even more rare. When Ellie was transported to Primary Children's and I heard that there was another baby with the same diagnosis, I immediately knew that it wasn't coincidence that we happened to be there at the same time, in the same place. Patty (Savannah's mom) and I immediately connected when we met each other. We stay in contact quite often and discuss different problems and successes with each other. I am so grateful for her! Savannah is an amazingly smart baby with a lot of personality. She is doing so well developmentally and is just like any other baby her age, despite spending her first four months of life in the hospital. She has had a few other hospital stays too, and is currently in Primary's now. Her cleft repair has failed twice. They did surgery on it again yesterday. We are praying for her parents and her because we know how difficult it is to send your baby into surgery, and how long, painful, and emotionally exhausting the days of recovery are. 

That same day, we also went up and saw Barb, Ellie's NICU OT/PT. She is amazing and loves Ellie so much. 

We have been blessed to meet so many amazing and strong people this past year. 

A Few Pictures From the Month of April

Ellie pulls herself into standing on everything.

She especially loves to look in this mirror to see us behind her. 

Reading with dad while waiting at the Doctor. She had quite a few tests done this last month. 

Ellie loves to sit in her high chair while I cook dinner every night and watch me. 

We took a trip to my Moms house one weekend. Ellie entertained herself on the way by pulling down the top visor on her carseat and eating it. 

Way into her book..

April was  a great month!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Family Pictures

While visiting Idaho, Chrissy took some family pictures for us. I am so grateful for them and for this wonderful time in my life. I am sure that I will look back at these pictures and cherish this time that we have started our family. It has been the best experience ever and has exceeded every expectation I have ever dreamed about my future. 

Thank you for the beautiful pictures Chrissy!

Easter Weekend

This post is long overdue! (All of these pictures are from my sister, Chrissy.)We traveled up to Idaho for Easter weekend. My niece, Katie, was baptized that weekend also. All of my siblings were able to make it and be together. It was a blast. This was the first time everyone had really been able to see Ellie and meet her. 

We told everyone we weren't coming. We were really worried about Ellie getting sick and being around a lot of people and little kids. We talked to Ellie's pediatrician and he told us we should be fine to go! I was so excited and packed everything right up! We got to my mom's house around 9 or 10 friday night. 

Everyone was so surprised! Ellie was also pretty shocked to see so many people. 

Excited Grandma!

Everyone had been traveling all day, so we all look a little tired.

Saturday morning was Katie's baptism. Oh, it was such a beautiful day! During the opening song of the baptism (I can't remember exactly what we sang, but it was a primary song), Ismael and I both had tears in our eyes. It was so surreal for us to be with all of our family, and actually out of our house with our Ellie. We were so grateful to feel like a normal family for a while. I was also overcome with joy as I watched Ellie hear other people sing together and I could tell she felt something special. (She had never been to church). Chrissy snapped these shots of Ellie and I together. 

Grandma Polly and Ellie. I love these pictures because you can see how much they adore each other. 

Sweet cheeks...

All of the kids.. minus Bonnie..

The weather was amazing in Idaho! My mom even told me that she prayed it would be good weather so we could all be outside. 

Ellie cuddled right up to Sarah and fell asleep.

My mom got some pinatas for the kids. Ismael climbed up on the roof to move the piƱata around while they swung.

A while ago my dad had pointed out that Ellie had really small feet. I hadn't really noticed anything until he pointed it out. Here are her feet compared to her cousin Paige ( 4 months old ). Ellie was 9 months old at the time.

So cute. Thank you for the fun family weekend everyone! Looking forward to doing it again!

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