Friday, April 12, 2013

Life is going to fast....

Does anyone else feel like time is going too quickly? It is making me sad how fast the days are passing and how much Ellie is changing every day. 

We took a trip to Idaho back in the middle of March to visit my Mom. It was Ellie's first road trip.. Big deal for us. She did great in the car and loved being at Grandma Polly's. 

Lots of rocking time... 

We went up and saw the BYU-Idaho flower show. Everything looked great and we had a lot of fun seeing everyone. 

Since the weather has been so nice, we have been going out for a lot of walks in the evening. I also venture over to City Creek mall quite often. 

I have loved seeing temple square change all year.

Ellie's absolutely favorite thing to do is to flip through and read books. It is so cute. After a few minutes it usually ends up in her mouth. 

Her other favorite thing is her g-tube connection. I think she gets little tastes of her milk from that end and that is why she loves it so much. 

The other day Ellie sat very happily in our laundry basket while I sorted through laundry. She thought it was hilarious.

We enjoyed watching conference this last weekend. My mom was able to come and visit and it was a great time. 


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