Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our Valentines and a Visit

Since Valentines was on Thursday and Ismael had to work, we decided to celebrate on Saturday. On the actual Valentines day I just made us a nice dinner. 

On Saturday Ismael sent me out shopping for a while.  When I returned I found this note on the door:

He made a balloon trail through our apartment. On each ballon was a reason. 

The trail led back to our sunroom where he had made dinner and set it up on our freezer. 

 He also got me flowers to arrange myself. It was so thoughtful of him, and I loved it!

It was also about Ellie's bedtime, but she wanted to stay up and watch us eat dinner. She just sat there, happy as a plum. 

What a great week!
Oh and I had to include these pictures of Ellie's funny balloon hair.

Last Sunday we took a little trip down to my Dad's house in Morgan. This was really Ellie's first trip to see any family. It was so great!! We had a blast. 

Leslie made us a delicious dinner. Thank you!

Ellie absolutely loved Kimber. Kimber is such a good little mother. They were so cute together!

 Leslie made Ismael a birthday cake. It was so good!

My Grandma Mac also came over. Ellie cuddled right up to her. Sweet pictures. 

Here are the flowers that I got from Ismael. 

Ellie and her cute pigtails.


  1. Oh what cute pics!! Loved your valentine surprises and the pics of Ellie and Kimber. So cute!

  2. Thanks for posting more pictures. It was so fun to see all of them. Tell Ismael he did an awesome Valentine's surprise.

  3. Oh my goodness Ellie is such a doll! About her pigtails Jared said "Those are the cutest ever." I am glad you are all doing well!

  4. Oh my we decided that I have a creepy looking face kinda looks a little scary :D. Thank you so much for coming to visit and for sharing precious little Ellie! Love ya!

  5. I love her little pigtails! So cute!

  6. OH MY! What a darling post! Ismael is a sweetheart! Great picture of the two of you. I love Ellie's happy face. I can't help but grin when I see her happy face! And the pigtails... too cute! Let's just say I'm a very proud Auntie!



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