Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ellie, Our Miracle

This is a video I made about Ellie's journey in the NICU. You can watch it if you are wondering a little bit more of her story and what she went through. It doesn't include everything that happened, just the basics. If I could change one thing, I would have kept a journal everyday while she was in the NICU so I could remember everything that happened. 

I can't watch this video without crying because this was a very difficult time for us, but also a very sweet time. We experienced countless blessings, miracles, angels attending us, and our testimony was greatly strengthened on the power of prayer, not only helping Ellie, but helping us. 

We met so many wonderful families in the NICU, and gained so many friends. Everyone has a different story, but yet we all felt so bonded. I am grateful to stay in contact with so many of those moms. My heart has ached for so many of them, and my heart aches for those still in the hospital and those who never got to bring their child home. 

This year, I truly feel like I have a new perspective on life. As I reflect on 2012, my heart is full. I don't think there has been a year where I have seen so many tender mercies. I am grateful for experiences that bring us closer together, and help us learn to rely and put our complete trust in the Lord. We still have a long road ahead, but I know we can get through anything. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking

This winter I have started to learn how to digital scrapbook a little (thanks to my wonderful sisters, who have every talent a homemaker could have). I just thought I would share a few pages I have done for Ellie's baby book so my family could see. 

I know that I probably have posted all of these pictures, but oh well. 

I have enjoyed digital scrapbooking more than regular. Definitely a fun hobby!

I hope Ellie will enjoy looking at her book when she is older! I know I will love to look back on it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What we have been up to...

January has been great so far. We don't take Ellie anywhere (because of RSV and cold and flu season) so we pretty much stay home all the time and Ismael and I never leave the house together. We only take her out for doctors appointments. Sometimes I go to church on Sunday and realize that I haven't even left my house since church the previous Sunday! I know, its a little crazy. People ask me all the time if I go crazy, but honestly, I have loved just being home. It has been nice to just spend quality time with my family after 3 1/2 months of always being on the go when Ellie was in the hospital. Our life was so crazy those months. I am looking forward to spring when we can start going out for walks and getting fresh air. 

Most of these photos are random from this month. I am doing "Project Scrap 365" where I take a photo a day this whole year and journal about it so I have a ton of pictures. 

Ellie had her six month vaccinations at the beginning of January. She did great and calmed down really fast after the nurse was done. She had five shots because she had to get the synagis (for RSV) and a flu shot too. 

Bath Time: A team effort for both of us, because Ellie's trach cannot go under water. Needless to say, it may be her favorite time of the day. 

Ellies new favorite thing is to walk around ( with help, of course)

Sitting up alone

Ismael brought a bucket of snow in from outside for Ellie to feel. We also made a little family of snowmen. It was too cold to go outside. 

Ismael put Ellie in a box and pushed her around our apartment. She was in heaven. 

While walking around Ellie spotted the baby on the diaper box. She kept getting really excited whenever she saw it and always wanted to walk over to it.

Sorry for the picture overload, especially of Ellie. We just love this girl and of course, we think everything she does is amazing, because we are her parents. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

6 months

Ellie turned 6 months on the 28th. She has been doing so good and we just love her so much!

 Christmas Day

Love her cheeks!

Lately she always has EVERYTHING in her mouth..

Her G-tube

And yes.. her thumb

Ellie had a swallow study and was approved to eat two spoons of baby food a day..

 THis is how she felt about it her first time. Hopefully it gets better. 


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