Friday, December 20, 2013

November and a little December

November sure flew by fast and I can't believe its already the middle of December! I have been enjoying the simplicity of our life lately. I love spending my days with Ellie and when Ismael gets home from work. 

Ellie found our pile of blankets on the side of our couch and was pretending to sleep and cuddle on them. We found this funny because she hates blankets! We have to put her blankets on her after she falls asleep and even sometimes in the night she will wake up and realize they are on her and tear them off. 

She also always sticks her feet and her hands out of her crib. 

She loves to finish of the last little drips from her milk.

Ellie always wants all of her bows in her hair. She will keep bringing them to me to put more in. 

Out for a walk one Sunday afternoon. Perfect weather!

Swinging with friends at the park. 

My first Thanksgiving turkey! It was a success.

Thanksgiving dinner

Ismael quickly drew up some pictures after dinner to tell Ellie the story of Thanksgiving. 

She loved it!

Two weeks ago a big ice storm hit Dallas. This is the tree right outside our window and kind of shows you how everything was just covered in ice. 

We lost power for 14 1/2 hours. We all bundled up in layers to keep warm. 

We built a fort, brought our lantern in and read books. Somehow it seemed  a little warmer in there. 

Making a handprint Christmas tree for decoration. 

Grandma Polly sent Ellie this nativity set for Christmas. She loves it! Her favorite is the little lamb. 

It plays "Away in a Manger" when you push the angel down. 

When the weather is nice, we go on walks. There is some little lakes with a trail around them at our apartment. There are a ton of ducks and Ellie loves them! She says "quack, quack" over her trach. I loves these pictures of her and Ismael looking at the ducks.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Past Few Months and Our Big Change!

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind! Here are just a few of our highlights.

Ellie finally started standing on her own ! ( and also taking about two steps). This is a big deal because she has been refusing to have anything to do with walking for quite some time. We just let it come on her own time. 

We took our last trip up to Idaho to sort through some things at my mom's house on conference weekend. Ismael said goodbye to his beloved Sergio (the truck below). He was given this truck from the Haroldson's and used it a lot when he was doing his own little landscaping business. For some reason he loved it and wanted to keep it forever. It took months for him to come to terms with giving it up. 

Our family in front of mom's house. 

Ellie loves her Grandma Polly. 

Brent worked on fixing mom's garage door the whole weekend. 

Well, our big news is that we have Dallas, Texas! Wow, I never ever thought I would be living here. The move was quite the process, and we are just happy to be here. Ismael drove two days to get here with the moving truck and towing his little truck.  While Ismael was driving to Dallas, Ellie and I stayed in our empty apartment for two days and cleaned. Ellie also came down with a cold, which made things extra stressful, and then I also came down with the cold. Ismael then flew back to Salt Lake the next morning, took me and Ellie to my Aunt Bonnie Jo's ( where we stayed for a day) and was off with our car to make the two day drive again to Texas. Wow, he is such a trooper and never complained once. It probably helped that I stocked him up on snacks that we hardly ever buy, and some coke..gasp.

Ellie and I weren't flying out for a few more days, so we went and stayed at my dad's house. It was such a blast! Ellie especially took a liking to my dad and wanted him to hold her all the time. She loves him. Who wouldn't? He took Ellie out and showed her all the animals (she is afraid of animals, but likes to watch and look at them from a distance). I would have to say the highlight for Ellie was taking a ride in Grandpa's ranger! I am so mad I don't have any pictures. He drove us to the back to see the horses and she soaked up every minute of it. It was so cute. 

Ellie also loved playing with Kimber and going trick or treating with her! Luckily, Leslie had a ladybug costume that fit her because I didn't have room to pack hers. 

 Kimber was such a cute witch! 

Cute little bug. 

It was fun to go trick or treating around to some of the houses that I used to go to when I was little! Even the same houses give out sugar cookies and Dad and Leslie knew just where to find all of the good stuff. Ellie picked right up on picking the candy out of the bowl and thought it was so fun. I let her chew on a Reeses peanut butter cup. I looked over at her a few minutes later and realized she had broken through the package and was eating the chocolate. She gave the biggest mischievous smile and was in heaven!

Dad and Leslie took us to the airport to fly into Dallas. We were excited to embark on our new adventure! Although, I was a little nervous flying with Ellie because of her health and because she is a restless 16 month old! However, she did better than I could have asked for! It was a blast. I can't believe how smoothly everything went for us, thanks to the prayers from my family. 

Our first flight went to Phoenix. She sat on my lap and just looked around, waved, talked, and gave her cheesy smile to anyone who would look at her. It was hilarious. Our layover was only 45 minutes in Phoenix, so by the time we made it to our next gate, it was time for us to board. A nice man that was sitting behind us hurried and caught me and had bought me a sandwich and water. I was so grateful because I was starving and didn't have any time to grab something to eat. Ellie slept through our whole second flight (2 hours) which was such a relief to me. She was exhausted from all the excitement. When we got off the plane I was so relieved that we finally made it and we were back with Ismael. 

 More to come on what our Dallas life has been like so far!

Oh and P. S. Ellie is walking now! I wanted to share this cute little video of her getting the hang of it. 

Look out World!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just some fun ones..

I was just going through my iPhoto Library and thought I would share some of these random fun pictures of mostly Ellie...

One of our last walks to Temple Square and City Creek while we still lived downtown. 

Ellie LOVES water.

Watching the fountain show.

One night Ellie found her box of headbands and kept trying to put them on. She kept handing them to me to put more on her head.

Kisses for dad.

Some wild morning hair.

And some more wild morning hair!

Riding around on Dad's back.

Ellie loves to her with her g-tube feeds now.

Chrissy, Jared, and Paige came to visit! Ellie especially loves Chrissy and was even wanting her over me!

Cute Paige.

Last week Ellie got sick. We were able to keep her out of the hospital for the first time! Yay!
We had to put her on a steroid to help her breathing, which made her very grumpy, but she made it through it and so did we!

Ellie has been practicing her walking skills. Pushing around her toy everywhere.

While it was still warm, we would go out on this sidewalk behind our apartment and walk up and down it. All of a sudden, it is just too cold!

Ellie loves her sunglasses. This particular day she had them on for hours. Just putting them on, off, looking in the mirror, crawling around with them on, playing.. Too cute.

One evening out on the swing set.

Ellie and Paige at church. They love each other.

Chrissy and I thought it would be funny to put them in this cart to push around target. We had a pretty good laugh. The girls just really didn't know what to think.

We love our shopping buddies!

Sorry for the picture overload!

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