Friday, December 21, 2012

LOTS of Random Pictures!

At the end of November, we took a short walk down to Temple square to see the lights. It was just so fun and Ellie was so good! I think she was a little amazed that she was somewhere other than the house. 

She didn't seem to mind that her hat kept falling over her eyes..

 Ismael and Ellie dancing la cumbia

Ellie and Grandma Polly

Oh no...

We gave my mom an iPad for Christmas and her birthday from all of the kids! She LOVES it! 

Everyone on Skype watching her open it..

Grandpa and Ellie on her blessing day

Playing with the Christmas lights while we put up our tree..

Speaking of our tree..

 I love it and the way it turned out. It makes our apartment feel so homey!

Homemade paper flowers made by Ismael

Tree Skirt made by my mom..

Ellie's first Christmas ornament from my Dad, Leslie and Kimber, so cute!

Looking in the mirror

Staring at her picture of Jesus

Little Pigtails!

She loves to cuddle with her blankets and this is how I find her most of the time after her naps. I love it!


  1. Ellie is a doll. I can't get over all of her beautiful hair! I love it.

  2. Aw love all of the pics Kaylee! That little miss Ellie is so beautiful!! We love you guys!!

  3. LOVE seeing all your pics of Christmas and such! Ada and I are giggling at her pigtail picture! Ada said, "Ellie, your pictures are so cute!!"



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