Thursday, December 6, 2012


Sadly, this week Ellie is back in the hospital. Just wanted to give a detailed update to those who are wondering what has been going on. 

Sunday night after Ellie's feeds, she vomited and then started coughing really hard for a long time. I was really scared she aspirated. After that, her oxygen levels were lower than normal and were not coming back up. We had to hook her up to oxygen, which she hasn't had to have since her surgery. I was a little scared. We put her to bed to see if her levels would come up over night. 

About 2:30 am I woke up to hear Ellie struggling and her monitor going off. I rushed over to help her. We turned up her oxygen levels and changed her trach but nothing seemed to help her too much. At one point she turned a little blue. We got her a little more stable and then rushed her up to Primary Children's ER. When we got there she just started to get a lot worse and was working really hard to breath. They started an IV and then admitted her to the PICU. 

Monday was a really hard day for Ellie. She was retracting really hard and running a fever. We couldn't get her calm or stable. They finally had to sedate her and put her on the vent (breathing machine). She finally was more comfortable, but really out. 

Her blood tests came back positive for rhinovirus, which is a cold. She hadn't seemed sick at all Saturday. If Ellie even gets a cold or a little bit sick, it is more than likely she has to be in the hospital for more support. They decided to keep her sedated and on the vent to get over the worst of the virus. 

On Tuesday morning her chest x-ray came back showing she had more than likely aspirated and got pneumonia. He blood cultures also showed she had bacteria in her blood. They immediately started antibiotics. She remained sedated and on the vent all day and all night. 

Finally on Wednesday, they took her off the vent and weaned her off her sedation drugs. I was so happy to see her awake again! She seemed to feel much better. 

We are hoping to take her home soon but we are still working out a few problems. Her heart rate is still way higher than normal and she is still requiring some oxygen. It has been a scary week and a little  traumatic for Ellie (one night they tried for an IV 5 times on her, and still never got it), but we are so grateful she is ok. Hopefully we can keep her out of the hospital the rest of the winter!

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