Friday, September 7, 2012

One Year

Ismael and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on August 27th..and what a year it has been! The most crazy, best, and rewarding year of my life!

That evening we celebrated by walking around temple square, eating at the top of the Joseph Memorial Building, and visiting Ellie at the hospital. 

Our favorite highlights from this year:

Setting up our first apartment together

moving 4 times- Rexburg, Shelley, Albuquerque, Salt Lake

Graduating from college

Teaching the sunbeams at our ward in Rexburg

Living in New Mexico (and moving everything in our tiny black car!)

Attending the Spanish Branch in New Mexico

Having a baby (the best)

I feel so blessed and lucky to have married Ismael, I couldn't have asked for anyone more perfect for me. Looking forward to many more exciting years with my best friend!


  1. I am happy you found Ismael, I think he is perfect for you and you for him. Hmmmm.....that sounds like a song. You guys have had an amazing year. It is a blessing for all of us is have shared some of it with you. Love you guys!

  2. Yeah! The first year of eternal bliss for you two! So wonderful you will ALWAYS have your best friend with you through everything. I am so proud of you two and say, "take a deep breath" every year gets better because your love will grow stronger (even though you wonder how that could be possible!). Life is just full of surprises! Congratulations on your anniversary!



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