Wednesday, June 13, 2012


We have been living in Albuquerque now for a month and a half. Time has flown! I feel bad I haven't kept up things we have been doing on here and don't have any excuses. I have plenty of time to update, that's for sure!

Well, Albuquerque is definitely different than Idaho, but in a good way. I still miss my beautiful Idaho though! It has been a good adventure for me and my husband to get away and to live somewhere different together. The only thing I was really nervous about was finding a new doctor being 6 months pregnant, but everything has worked out great. I love the doctor I have found (with the help of a good friend who is also pregnant) and feel completely comfortable that everything will go well with the birth. I found him after going to two midwives here, so that was a relief. I hope the midwives weren't offended that I kept changing around, but oh well.

Ismael and I have been attending the Spanish Branch here. Yes, I don't speak Spanish...yet.. We love the people so much and everyone has been so kind to us. I have learned a lot more about the culture and why my husband does some things the way he does! The missionary work here is awesome and there are so many people that are looking for the gospel. We have already attended three baptisms! One of them was a whole family, one was a sweet older lady, and the other was a teenage brother and sister. I felt the Spirit so strong at each of their baptisms (even though I didn't understand a lot of it..because of the Spanish) and was reminded of how important the covenants we make at baptism are. I love watching the gospel bless others lives and seeing the excitement in these people's eyes. It's contagious!

We have been doing a weekly FHE with the Sanchez family, who are taking the missionary discussions. We love this family! They have a 15 year old son, and a 5 year old son. The Ponce family has also joined in FHE and we have been to their house too. 

All of us crammed in our tiny apartment! Its so fun to have people over. 

We have been able to do a ton of fun things while we have been here so far. We have been to the aquarium and Botanical gardens a few times. How could we resist? My husband and I are both Horticulture nerds and love going places like this. My brain usually hurts afterwards from trying to identify all the plants. Ismael is trying to put together a picture directory of plants so I have been practicing taking pictures of them too. So fun. 

 We have been to the Temple a few times:

We go on walks and to the park VERY often:

Ismael's work has taken us out to dinner and to a few Isotope's baseball games

(Memorial Day)

I am in the Young Womens and went up to girls camp on last Friday afternoon:
Aren't these girls the cutest?

We have done quite a few more things that I haven't gotten pictures of. Sadly. I am usually home all day while Ismael is at work. My days consist of: Cleaning (over and over, maybe known as nesting), going through our baby's clothes and sorting (again, over and over), making lists of things we have to buy for baby and looking at them on the internet, and a few other projects I have been working on. Exciting huh? I also talk to my sister, Chrissy on Skype everyday. We get to spend all day together because of modern technology. It's the best.

Meanwhile...we have are just getting so excited for the arrival of our baby girl. We are down to about 6 1/2 more weeks! Time has flown! We are excited to enter this new stage. We have been attending birth classes. I'm not sure if they make me more nervous than feeling prepared. Anyways, life is great!
Sorry for the long long post!


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