Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Since I am so bad at taking pictures, I only have a few from our holidays :( I'm going to be better at that.

We started off December by kicking off Mom's birthday. We invited her and Aunt Ginger up to Rexburg to go to A BYU-Idaho Christmas Concert, which featured Brian Stokes Mitchell. It was a blast with those two. Poor mom was still on crutches so she borrowed the 4th wards wheel chair so we could better handle the crowds and not have to worry about her walking. I wish I would have gotten a picture of that wheelchair. After the concert we came back to our house and had a Cold Stone ice cream cake.

We put up our first Christmas tree together. Thanks Kara and Jared for giving it to us!

Before decorated- our tree didn't have a stand, so we put it in an urn we had full of sand.. it worked for us.

We also didn't want to buy any ornaments because we weren't going to even be at our apartment that long. We went to Porters and got a few things to make "Our First Christmas" ornament together. I broke two of the ornaments before we made a successful one. We made a few origami ornaments for our tree too.

We both successfully finished our Fall 2011 semester. It was a really busy and tough semester for both of us, but we had each other to help out. I took one of my hardest classes, Evergreen Identification, where I learned to identify ALL of the evergreen trees (including their scientific name) in every zone! We learned sixty new plants every week, with a test every day. Whew! I'm glad that class is over!

We spent Christmas as Mom's house. We had a blast, got a lot of relaxing in, and watched Dr. Quinn!

Christmas Eve: We had cheese and chocolate fondue! It was delicious.

A few days after Christmas we headed down to Utah to spend time with family and attend the sealing and blessing of Bonnie Jane Merkley to Holly and Ryan. It was so good to see all of our family and to spend time with everyone together again! The sealing was so special and we are so grateful to have Bonnie in our family.

We went to temple square one night to see the lights with Lee and Jenny's family. It was fun to walk around and see everything and ride trax! The kids were all such good sports.

We spent New Year's at Holly's with yummy Chinese takeout and games! It was sad to leave everyone, but I'm glad we could all spend time together.

The Abundant Life

"I challenge (all) to undertake a
personal, diligent, significant, quest for
what I call the abundant life.
-President Monson

I read this talk the other day and thought it was so good. It's a great motivation to read at the beginning of the year as we make goals to change and improve.

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