Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Apartment

The Outside

Living Room


Our Bedroom

The Bathroom

We have been loving our little apartment for almost a month now. We really lucked out on our deal. We also have a huge back yard. It was so fun to set up everything and settle in.

We went and spent the weekend at Mom's house this weekend. Ismael and I did his maintenance jobs on Friday night after school. On Saturday, Ismael had jobs again to do and worked all day for 12 hours! He was so tired. Mom canned peaches and pears all day, while I worked on homework and did laundry. Mom and I went to the Relief Society Broadcast that evening too. It was so good! I really loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk (I'm sure everyone did). Every word he said felt like something I really needed. It made me excited for conference next weekend.


  1. Your apartment looks so nice. Great job! You guys are awesome. Love you.

  2. Love the place! What a great way to start:) You decorated so cute too.



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