Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Apartment

The Outside

Living Room


Our Bedroom

The Bathroom

We have been loving our little apartment for almost a month now. We really lucked out on our deal. We also have a huge back yard. It was so fun to set up everything and settle in.

We went and spent the weekend at Mom's house this weekend. Ismael and I did his maintenance jobs on Friday night after school. On Saturday, Ismael had jobs again to do and worked all day for 12 hours! He was so tired. Mom canned peaches and pears all day, while I worked on homework and did laundry. Mom and I went to the Relief Society Broadcast that evening too. It was so good! I really loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk (I'm sure everyone did). Every word he said felt like something I really needed. It made me excited for conference next weekend.

Friday, September 9, 2011

A little bit about us..

We finally got married on August 27! It was by far the best day of my life. I was so grateful to have all of our family there. It was so much fun. In the mean time, we have been on our honeymoon and are now back in Rexburg and settled into our apartment (posts to come on these events later on wedding and honeymoon). Ismael has been working so hard all week on his jobs, and I have been working on cleaning our apartment and getting things ready for us to start school.

Since this blog is about us and the start of our new lives together, I thought I would start a little on how we met. The first time we actually talked to each other was in the Winter Semester of 2010. I was setting up for the floral wedding show that we have every year at school, and he was sent to help set up some things in our room that the girls couldn't do. Our first impressions of each other: Me- I didn't think he spoke English, so I was trying to talk to him in a loud, slow, accented voice. embarrassing. Him- He thought I was really cute. Things didn't really progress from this meeting. We saw each other throughout the summer semester and said hi and talked a few times. In the Fall semester, we had a Pest Control class together. This is where we really started talking and becoming friends after I had sat by him.

We really loved to talk to each other and always were laughing at each other. He started helping me water the plants I took care of at school, and we were always together. He quickly became my best friend. In December of 2010, we started dating, and to make a long story short, we became engaged in May of 2011.

A few of my favorite qualities about my new husband
  • His outgoing personality
  • The way he treats me
  • That he loves everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from
  • His hard work ethic
  • His loud contagious laugh
  • His accent :)
  • He is always game to do anything
  • He knows how to fix things
  • He loves his mother so much
  • He is diligent in the spiritual things
I think I got really lucky. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. The funny thing is that life so far is not what I had ever imagined for my future, but at the same time, it is exactly where I always hoped it would be.

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